DeLanee's Story

10 years ago, Becky and Tommy, were blessed to be pregnant with their second child. Shortly thereafter they learned that they were going to be parents to a little girl, but the probability of their daughter living for very long was extremely low. Their daughter was diagnosed with a condition called Dandy-Walker Cyst. The doctors believed that their baby girl would deteriorate and pass away during pregnancy, but much to their surprise DeLanee developed until 28 weeks gestation when she was delivered and lived for three hours. As you can imagine, these 3 hours was precious time that they spent as a family with their daughter taking pictures, bathing, dressing and holding her until she passed away in their arms. Upon DeLanee's passing, the nurses brought the family a box to put their daughter’s belongings in to take home with them. Because DeLanee was born in January the nurses were able to find a leftover Christmas box. That Christmas box became extremely special to them and they clung to it and the contents inside that held their daughter’s precious belongings as they left the hospital without their baby. It was because of this box that the inspiration for Lanee’s Legacy began. . .

Monday, October 4, 2010

Elizabeth's Story

I'd like to share a story with you about one of the mom's I've been so blessed to have met this past year, Rebecca Smith. I first met her at last year's 1st annual pancake breakfast fundraiser. She then came to one of our box making nights that we held at Phoenix Perinatal Associates. Now she is doing a wonderful thing to help Lanee's Legacy and I want to let you know how you can participate in it. Before I get to Elizabeth's story, I need to give you a few updates about the breakfast.

First of all it is very important that you buy your tickets PRE-SALE by clicking on the paypal button to the right and we will put your tickets in our "will-call" to be picked up on the day of the breakfast. OR you can now physically get your tickets at Phoenix Perinatal Associates office locations which are:

Mesa: 1840 S. Stapley Dr. Ste. 131, Mesa, Arizona 85204. Phone: 480-969-5999.

Chandler: 600 S. Dobson Rd., Ste. D34, Chandler, AZ 85224. Phone: 480-857-0047. (open M/T/Th)

Scottsdale: 10210 N 92nd St Ste 105, Scottsdale, AZ 85258. Phone: 480-661-1332.

Phoenix: 3877 N 7th St Ste 400, Phoenix, AZ 85014. Phone: 602-257-8118.

You can also buy your raffle tickets at these locations too. Our list of prizes is rapidly growing and we have added some great stuff this week to our list. Check out our previous blog post for our new items and remember you do NOT have to present to win!


When a mom receives one of Lanee's Legacy's boxes, it is always our hope that they will understand that these boxes were created by other mom's who have also experienced a loss. It is our hope that when they receive a box that they will know that they are not alone and that other's mom's have been in their shoes (even if they are not the same shoes), and have survived. For these reasons I also love to share other mom's stories on our blog. I hope that if you have experienced a loss that when you read these stories that you will feel that you are not alone and can somehow relate to these mom's who have also had a loss.

This is Rebecca Smith with her husband Brian and their sweet daughter, Elizabeth. She has forwarded to me the story of her daughter's birth in her own words which I'd love to share with you.

"Like every parent we were excited to be expecting our first baby together. I was a Physical Education teacher and the school year had just ended. I had only 2 ½ more weeks to go until our daughter was due. We had just enjoyed a relaxing Memorial Day weekend and I was feeling the need to get some last minute baby preparations completed. I had been having more Braxton Hicks contractions that day but did not think a lot of it. That night when I went to bed the contractions kept getting stronger and closer together. I felt I should wait until they were about 5 minutes apart which I had learned from my birthing classes. Within a 1 ½ hour time span they got too strong and close that I knew it was time to head to the hospital. So at 11:00pm Brian and I drove to Banner Desert to have our little girl. When we got there my contractions were intense and they had me get changed and got a monitor to check the baby. They were having some difficulties finding the heartbeat which had never been a problem in the past. They brought in an ultrasound machine and there were more nurses than normal in the room. Then the dreadful words came out of their mouth, they could not find a heartbeat. Our baby girl had died while I was in labor at home. The only probable cause the doctor could think of was the placenta had abrupt but I had no previous bleeding to warn me. Everything seemed like a blur, as we were waiting to delivery our baby that was not living and having to start preparing for her burial. The staff at Banner Desert Hospital is amazing and made the experience more bearable. We were able to deliver our baby girl at 10:25 am on May 30, 2007. She was 6 lbs 2 oz and 20 inches long. From how she had looked she had only passed about 12 hours before she delivered. Her body was perfect, she was beautiful, and she looked so peaceful. We named her Elizabeth, which means God’s Promise, Promised by God, and Consecrated to God. We cherish the memories we have of her and I am grateful that we received one of the special boxes. We were blessed to have a healthy baby boy just 11 months after we had Elizabeth and also have been blessed with another baby girl. Our trial of loss has been heartbreaking but we feel stronger as a family and look forward to the day we can see our precious girl again."

Becky and Brian Smith

Here is what Rebecca is doing to help Lanee's Legacy and all the information you need to participate:

A Special Fundraiser Offer From:

Becky Smith & Fitness Works Athletic Club
In Support Of Lanee's Legacy

Rebecca Smith and Fitness Works are happy to present the Fitness Works Fundraiser to help raise funds for Lanee's Legacy. You get a 3-month membership for only $20.00. It's a bargain you don't want to miss out on. Ask your friends, co-workers, or even your spouse to join you!

You say you already have a membership? Well, don't miss the opportunity to save big this year. This is a 2 for 1 fundraiser! Take a look at the 75 attached coupons from Local Area Businesses valued at $500.00. The total fundraiser package is valued at over $750.00.

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But Hurry! This fundraising offer ends Oct. 30, 2010!

Here's what you'll receive:

* 3-month full membership to any one of the 4 valley Fitness Works Athletic Club locations with no obligation to join.
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* Includes 4-free Group PT Classes
* 75 value saving coupons from Local Area Businesses. (click here to view the coupons included on your fundraiser pass (East valley coupon sheet).

Your purchase will help Lanee's Legacy receive 50% of all proceeds from fundraiser sales.

Fundraiser Info:

All orders placed can be delivered immediately. Only 50 on hand, so hurry before they're gone.
Please make all checks payable to Becky Smith.

Contact Becky Smith at: 480.332.5134 or email:

For all additional fundraiser questions and information, please contact the Fundraising Team Department at Fitness Works Athletic Club.

Your Fundraiser Representative
Joel Marsden @ 480-710-5783

Thanks Rebecca for sharing not only your story but your time and efforts to help Lanee's Legacy continue to donate memory boxes to hospitals throughout Arizona.

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